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Chapter 3  Philosophos
     Palm trees and lush vegetation complemented the humidity in the salty, sea air, sending inviting smells into the breeze.  Brightly colored birds and other exotic animals called to each other high overhead, rustling the leaves as they moved swiftly past.  It was a vacation coveted by many, but his first sight of the sun blinded poor Dominic.  Like a person emerging from a lifetime within a cave, he knelt and hid his eyes with his arms.  After a few minutes, something whacked his leg annoyingly several times.
     "Ow, ow!  Stoppit!  Quit it!" Dominic shouted, keeping his eyes closed while using his arms to block the blows.
     "Oh!  It's alive, this one!" a squeaky, old voice said.  The stranger pointed at the dark door behind Dominic.  "Not many people make it out of there alive, you know.  They go in, but they don't come back out.  What's that you say?  Chappaquiddic?!"
     "What?  What?  Who are you?"
     "Why don't you open your eyes and find out?"
     "There's fire all around me!" Dominic tried to explain.
     "What are you talking about?  Are you insane?"
     "Insane?  There are blinding flames all around me!"
     "That's light!  From the sun.  Bouncing off things so you can see them!"
     "Sun?  What's the sun?"
     "It's been so long, you've forgotten, eh?" the old one muttered more to himself than to Dominic.  He helped the sightless man to his feet and pushed him into the hut on the beach. 
     "This is better," Dominic said, squinting and shifting his eyes from side to side.
     "Good!" the elder shouted right in front of the younger.  "I'm going to kick your behind out that door soon enough, so don't get too used to it."  The wizard began to work with bottles and liquids elsewhere in the room.
     "I said I was blind; not deaf," Dominic mumbled.
     Dominic sighed, sitting at the table.  "What's your name, old man?" he asked in a raised voice.
     "Philosophos," the codger replied, "and you don't have to shout!  It means 'lover of wisdom'; but most people forget that, thinking that my wisdom is for the birds.  They'll find out soon enough, unfortunately."
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